See Your City Eats

See Your City: Eats Edition campaign in New York City. Creative Direction: Emily Lessard.

The See Your City brand expanded to include a dining-focused iteration in fall 2015. We built upon the local-as-exotic idea by making a suite of suitcase stickers inspired by the five boroughs and dining. The "See Your City: Eats Edition" also includes an updated tagline: "The only thing standing between you and the meal of a lifetime is a bridge."


The campaign data for See Your City tells the story: 23,102 posts tagged #SeeYourCity on Instagram and 6.5M total impressions on Facebook. $960K in earned media value and 88M impressions to date. There are future iterations already planned, alongside a merchandising launch in 2016.

Design & Illustration: Caitlin Clingman, Sara Duell, Joshua Graver, Louis Lee, Jose Quinteros, Noah Venezia
Writers: Jonathan Durbin, Stephanie Hu, Sophie Roberts