See Your City

See Your City campaign in New York City. Creative Direction: Emily Lessard.


American Express wanted to sponsor a multi-platform campaign that resonated with the local NYC audience. The challenge was to create something that connected with locals, even though they are famously known for being a tough group to court.


The entire campaign treats the 8.6 million locals as tourists, and nearby neighborhoods as exotic locales. The visuals reference vintage travel posters, reframing the familiar as foreign and exotic. So as to not become too sentimental, the visuals are paired with a voice that embraces “FOMO” and humor. The tagline for the campaign sums it up nicely: “See Your City: For the world it’s a trip of a lifetime. For you it’s just a subway ride away.”

A robust social media strategy accompanies the entire campaign: through 60 local ambassadors, the campaign has reached over 10 million people on social media alone.

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The brand expanded into a food-related campaign called See Your City: Eats Edition. 

Designers: Sara Duell, Noah Venezia
Illustration: Remko Heemskerk
Writers: Flavio Alvarez, Sophie Roberts, Kate Schwed
Video producer: Kathleen Fox
Editors: Thomas Perry, Collin Ruffino