NYCgo Rebrand, Typography

NYCgo rebrand for the City of New York. Typographic detail.

nycgo rebrand details



Two custom typefaces were built: NYC Sans and City Block.

City Block is comes from the geometry of the block NYC logo. It serves as an excellent tool for creating City-wide branding and it's only used as such. It was drawn by Jeremy Mickel.

NYC Sans is the main typeface used in the NYCgo rebrand. Drawn by Jeremy Mickel and Nicholas Sherman, it is inspired by typography found on Massimo Vignelli's work for the MTA in the 1970s. Instead of slavish recreation, we took it a step further. Using the original characters as a jumping off point, a new alphabet with 55 alternate characters was created—there are 3 Es, 3 Ns, 4 Ws, 3 Ys, etc. Each letter is a surprising and idiosyncratic variation on the next. The typeface embraces all of these variations, inspired by NYC itself. 

The result is something steeped in New York City history but not crushed by it. It is modern, ever-changing, familiar yet new. It will take many years to exhaust its use: there are over 4000 different ways to typeset "New York City." 


I am incredibly grateful to the in-house creative team at NYC & Company, without whom this would not have been possible.
Designers: Caitlin Clingman, Sara Duell, Joshua Graver, Louis Lee, Jose Quinteros, Noah Venezia
Writers: Sophie Roberts and Stephanie Hu
Photographers and Editors: Kathleen Fox, Mary Beth Dickerson, Thomas Perry, Christopher Postlewaithe, Tagger Yancey
Project Management: Sylvia Chan