NYCgo Rebrand

NYCgo rebrand for NYC & Company. Creative Direction: Emily Lessard.


When I arrived at NYC & Company, publications, campaigns, trade initiatives, etc did not share a consistent visual identity. It was clear that the organization could benefit from a consistent brand in order to work efficiently.


Build a bold and iconic brand that unifies all channels. The final product includes two custom typefaces, a suite of custom icons, illustrations and patterns, and 150+ brand book. All work was done in-house, except for the typefaces. 

For more details on the rebrand, including the story behind the typography, please click here.

Design & Illustration: Caitlin Clingman, Sara Duell, Joshua Graver, Louis Lee, Jose Quinteros, Noah Venezia
Writers: Stephanie Hu, Sophie Roberts
Typefaces: Jeremy Mickel, Nicholas Sherman
Photography: Kathleen Fox, Thomas Perry, Tagger Yancey