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NYC Restaurant Week

NYC Restaurant Week campaign in New York City. Creative Direction by Emily Lessard.


NYC Restaurant Week is a dining event now in its 23rd year. The challenge was to build a younger audience while retaining its loyal fanbase.


The new strategy combines social media-driven engagement with an inspiring, playful and beautifully designed CTA: “Eat Up.”

Little known fact: I came up with the “Eat Up” tagline.


Since the “Eat Up” campaign was launched in 2014, RW reservations have grown by 15%. The 21-35 year-old audience has grown by 22%. The social channels created for the relaunch have grown: 33% on Facebook and 52% on Instagram.

Designers: Sara Duell, Jose Quinteros, Noah Venezia
Photography: Tagger Yancey, Christopher Postlewaite
Video and photography management: Kathleen Fox
Video editing: Mary Beth Dickerson, Thomas Perry, Collin Ruffino