City of New York Branding

Branding and identity design for the de Blasio administration and the City of New York. Creative Direction by Emily Lessard.


The de Blasio administration wanted a new visual brand for their programs and initiatives. The first project under this new brand was for their signature platform on Affordable Housing, and the brand has been expanded from there.


Always think of ephemera as non-ephemeral: these publications and pamphlets are used for years, and can have a lasting impact for other agencies and municipalities. Warmth is projected through accessible typography and large scale photography. Infographics use vibrant a color palette and approachable icons. 


There is now a recognizable brand identity for the de Blasio administration. City agencies now use the templates created to build new projects and publications. 

OneNYC lead designer: Louis Lee
Designers: Caitlin Clingman, Sara Duell, Noah Venezia
Career Pathways Designer: Jose Quinteros